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Work Injuries

Work Injuries

It's not unusual to suffer from a work related injury. Conditions leading to work related injuries range from long hours of computer keyboarding to lifting heavy boxes in a company's warehouse without proper back support.

The most common work related injuries include spine disorders. These disorders are particularly found in the industries that use heavy machinery.

Repetitive motions, such as computer keyboarding, can result in cumulative trauma causing Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis. Injuries from falls, slips and equipment malfunction can also occur in the work-place.

In addition to hands-on physical therapy, we offer injured workers customized rehab programs to prepare them for an efficient return to work. These include back and neck safety education, work conditioning, personalized exercise plans, body mechanics assessments, ergonomic assessments and more to help patients get back on the job in a timely manner.

All services at B&B Physical Therapy are provided by licensed physical therapy providers. We are committed to your health and strive to produce the very highest in patient satisfaction. Call 327-4867 to schedule your appointment today and achieve your potential on the bike.




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