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Orthopedic & Spine Rehab

Neck and Back Injuries

Have you ever suffered from a spine injury? Sometimes all it takes to injure the spine is to turn your head the wrong way. Physical therapy can be a solution in the process of rehabilitating an injured spine.

Physical therapy helps people restore and maintain optimal physical function. Physical therapy for the spine is geared to help people improve their strength and range of motion which enables the patient to perform their necessary daily activities.

A comprehensive program to improve core strength and lumbar stability is our primary goal. These programs can be tailored to every level. Each patient is taught how to engage their core muscles and use them to protect their spine.
With the appropriate exercises and postural awareness, the spine can be alleviated of pain and strengthened to prevent future problems.

All services at B&B Physical Therapy are provided by licensed physical therapy providers. We are committed to your health and strive to produce the very highest in patient satisfaction. Call 327-4867 to schedule your appointment today and get back to the life you love!




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