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Geriatric and Fall Prevention

Geriatrc Rehab

Geriatric treatment aims to restore mobility, reduce pain and increase fitness levels.  Physical therapists treat arthritic conditions, osteoporosis, balance disorders and joint replacements.

More than 1/3 of older adults fall each year.  Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, the most common cause of non-fatal injuries, and the most common reason for hospital admission due to trauma in older adults.  Risk factors for falling include muscle weakness, arthritis, depression, and balance deficits.

Physical therapy can reduce the fear of falling and improve cardiovascular health.  Exercises are focused on improving lower extremity strength, reducing joint pain/instability and correcting postural faults.

All services at B&B Physical Therapy are provided by licensed physical therapy providers. We are committed to your health and strive to produce the very highest in patient satisfaction. Call 327-4867 to schedule your appointment today and achieve your potential on the bike.





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