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Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

Our staff completes a biomechanical assessment of the athlete and then takes this information into account when working with the rider to determine his or her optimal riding position and bike specification. A proper bike fit enables the body's levers and muscle groups to fire most efficiently and reduce the risk of injury and pain.

Cyclists will be evaluated for posture, strength, and flexibility. Proper fit adjustments to maximize power, efficiency and comfort are made to your bicycle. Participants may receive suggestions for exercises, cycling techniques, and bicycle modifications to enable enjoyable cycling experiences.

Good flexibility of the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles is crucial because these muscles generate the majority of the pedaling force and must ideally move through the pedal-stroke in 80-100 revolutions per minute. Proper stretching, balance, and flexibility exercises help with coordination of cycling-related skills such as breaking and cornering. Changes in riders' strength and flexibility affect the ability to attain certain positions on the bicycle and also may require them to re-examine their bike fit.

Improper bike fit may be causing you pain or leading to inefficient pedaling and cycling mechanics. Recurrent and aggravating strain or injury can occur without proper bike fit. Common injuries include neck or back pain, numbness and tingling in hands and wrists, knee pain and headaches.

All services at B&B Physical Therapy are provided by licensed physical therapy providers. We are committed to your health and strive to produce the very highest in patient satisfaction. Call 327-4867 to schedule your appointment today and achieve your potential on the bike.

* When you come for your fit and assessment please bring: your bike, bike shoes, and other gear you wear during biking such as gloves, helmet, glasses, biking shorts, and socks.




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